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WORK ___________________

It´s always so inspiring to see my design in different interiors. Here is clothing rail wall black… Read more » WORK ___________________

L Ä R K S T A N _______

My latest work for Esny  is out now. This projekt was so fun and the apartment is amazing with the … Read more » L Ä R K S T A N _______

INSTA WEEK 17 ______________

What a week it has been,  super busy but great! I love my work and the people I get doing it with! … Read more » INSTA WEEK 17 ______________


Our newest clothing rail GRANDE is launched today and it´s amazing. It is similar to the clothing r… Read more » G R A N D E


As a big fan to London based designer  Michael Anastassiades  as I am, I could not be happier to se… Read more » ANASTASSIADES + HERMAN MILLER

M U U T O _____

One week ago I did an Instagram takeover for Muuto and presented some views from my new home. Here … Read more » M U U T O _____