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FOR CHRISTMAS ____________

Christmas is the best time I know and I will never get tired of giving Christmas gifts and getting some as well! And I've already got one of my Christmas gifts that I wished for, time for myself. I wanted to have few undisturbed days, just to do what I wanted to do. Like my own a mini-vacation. So earlier this week I took the train to Stockholm. I hade time to buy some Christmas presents and meeting my brother and friends. I ate lunch together with my mentor Lotta Agaton and got so inspired of just talking to her. I met Emma Fexeus and joined her ​​when she got her tattoo at my brother's newly opened tattoo studio La roibe Noir. So I've already got the most important gift this Christmas, time with people I value and time for myself. But yes of course there are some things on my wish list too!

image (1,5) Prints and photo art from Lotta Agaton shop. Photos by me.
image (2) corals also from Lotta Agaton shop. Photo by me.
image (3,4) Maison Martin Margiela; Magnifying glass, russian dolls, 
candlestick in the shape of a large stearic formation of burnt candles. From Artilleriet.

Reminder: winners for my product competition will be drawn on Sunday so you still have time to compete here.

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