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DIY __________ marble box

I´m crazy about all marble patterned interior details now. Maybe you have seen on my Instagram(annaleenashem) if you follow me there, the picture that I posted few weeks ago of my tube lamp that I covered with self-adhesive plastic marble. I´ll blog more pictures of it soon. It's pretty easy to create marble patterned details using self-adhesive plastic marble. I just made a marble box for my small items of an empty perfyme box. 
Do like this.
Measure and cut out the marble plastic after the size of the box and cover both the inside and outside to get a uniform result. Use the ruler to obtain a smooth surface and remove any air bubbles when the plastic is adhered.

-you need an empty box
-siccors. Mine are gift from Fiskars
- self-adhesive plastic marble for example from here

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