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MY WORK __________exhibition room

Last weeks I´ve been really busy working with a event called designwalk13. Designwalk13 was a design event in Varberg which is located in the west coast of Sweden and it was produced by CRED and college event students. The event designwalk13 focused on highlighting local designers and creativity. I acted as creative consultant, held a workshop and made a moodboard to the event. Last but not least I drew the pop-up design exhibition room that was held at the same time with designwalk13. Room was composed of plywood cubes where local designers including me exhibited their designs. This must have been among the most fun and challenging job assignments I've ever done! Although the event is over the pop-up exhibition room remains in the mall Gallerian in Varberg until June 17. You can find the list of the exhibiting designers right below, and information of designwalk13 on their facebook page here.

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