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DIY ____________ minimalist cube shelf

Here it comes, the another DIY minimalist cube shelf that I mentioned in the last post. I was also guest blogging with this DIY at Emmas designblogg last week with my try this at home column. This cube shelf that is placed in a corner is not so difficult to do as it seems and the result is so worth it! 

To do the cube shelf you will need 

+One length of 7x7 cm (appr. 3"x3") wood beam (these are usually sold in standard lengths of 240 cm)
+Wood glue

+Small nails

+Metal loops for wall attachment
+White paint

Start by cutting 10-12 small squares 7x7x7 cm and one 33 cm long piece from the wooden beam. Paint them all white.
Create two modules made of two cubes glued together, and two modules made of three cubes like in the picture. To make the construction stronger you can use nails, but a strong wood glue should do the trick.

Glue the modules together like in the picture or create your own creative version with the cubes. Paint everything again if some flaking or chipping has occured during the construction. Screw the loops onto the back, use at least two. Use a level when hanging if you want the shelf to be completely straight.

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