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DIY _______________ copper/plaster candle holder

For me candle holders are so Christmas and just the thought that it's almost Christmas makes me want to get/make some new ones. So after I saw this cool DIY that Ivania did on her blog with plaster I wanted to do a new candle holder for the Christmas with plaster instead of concrete. 
The mold I used for pouring the plaster in was just a shoebox cover and the copper tube caps for the lights are from a hardware store, but my previous candleholder that I did with hexagon nuts (here) could also work. All you need is,

/a shoebox cover
/copper tube caps size 2,2 
/plastic wrap
/sand paper

/Cover the shoebox cover with plastic wrap to make it waterproof and to get the plaster out of the mold when it is dry. 
/Plan in advance where you want your candle holders (copper tube caps) to be. 
/Blend your plaster mixture and pour it into the mold. I used for this 9 dl plaster and 3 dl water.
/Press gently the copper tube caps in the plaster mix.
 /Let it dry for at least 2 hours. Use sandpaper to smooth the edges if needed.


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