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studio toogood
studio toogood

When I was in London I had the opportunity to visit the amazing Studio Toogood and just to experience THE Toogood headquarters. The thing that hit me first there was that the Studio Toogood looked exactly like the design Toogood that you only get to see through pictures! 
I was so enthusiastic about this visit and it exceeded all my high expectations. The entire Toogood studio was bubbling of creativity and relaxed sense of togetherness. Though the label Toogood is so hyped in the design sphere, their autonomous and at the same time collective way of working impressed me. They created their own Toogood world where there is a group of genuinely nice and cool people behind it all. Thank you Studio Toogood, Faye and Erica for having me there, I really enjoyed every minute to be with you and shooting these photos!

Studio Toogood

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