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THANK YOU 2014 ____________________ AND MERRY X-MAS!

Every year at the end of the year I usually sump up the year and make plans to the next.
2014 has been an exciting year! Some of my highlights from it are the collaborations with Blooc, Habitat, Scandic and Opus Clothing.  And of course my move to Stockholm.

I'm so happy about the opportunity I've had to get in touch with so many brilliant people during the year, and the creativity that has come out of it. I'm also really thankful to all you bloggers and customers that appreciate and encourage my styling and design! Makes me so happy, always. 

We (my assistant Emmie and I ;)) are excited about what next year has in store: collaborations with new and old friends, fresh new design and a lot of creativity! 

But before 2015 starts, let's enjoy this Christmas, have some time off and love on the ones we are lucky to have in our lives.

Happy holidays to you all!
And I'll see you in January.. 

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