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NEXT MOVE ____________

Two years ago we moved from the west coast of Sweden to Stockholm,
and since then we’ve lived in a rented house on the island Ekerö. Our plans were to find a place to build a new house and after a while we did. 
For over a year we’ve been building the new house, still on Ekerö but closer to the city,
and finally it’s time to move in!
This thing about moving is starting to become a routine…
I’m so looking forward to furnish and decorate the new house. And indeed, it’s gonna be new - 
all walls and ceilings are painted in grey colors. It feels like the white period is over for me, at least for a while,
and that I’m heading for a new kind of minimalism. Exciting.
Here are the last pictures from this house, and it’s time to start packing.
I promise to post pictures from the new house as soon as we’ve moved! You will find more  daily updates ad pictures from the new house from my instagram annaleenashem. See you there!

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