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LA PETITE MAGAZINE ____________ work

My latest work kids room styling for La petite magazine  summer issue is out now! You can find also… Read more » LA PETITE MAGAZINE ____________ work

MY WORK ____________ la petite mag + diy

Finally is the latest issue of la petite magazine out in stores! It is their third issue in print, … Read more » MY WORK ____________ la petite mag + diy

DIY ______________ room divider

For the latest number of La Petite Magazine I made a DIY. As you can see on the pictures, it is a r… Read more » DIY ______________ room divider

MONDAY SNAPSHOTS _________ diy x-mas

Today´s monday snapshots is about making your own christmas decor. Last year my decorations looked… Read more » MONDAY SNAPSHOTS _________ diy x-mas

DIY _______________ copper/plaster candle holder

For me candle holders are so Christmas and just the thought that it's almost Christmas makes me… Read more » DIY _______________ copper/plaster candle holder

DIY _________ wall cups

My latest super simple  diy  - wall storage for small things was made of clear plastic cups. You do… Read more » DIY _________ wall cups