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WORK ________________ new collab!

I love collaborations. They often result in exciting new products like the collaboration between Mo… Read more » WORK ________________ new collab!

OBLIQUE / WHITE _____________________ clothing hanger

Here are the two new clothing hangers that I have been working with this fall and they are now fina… Read more » OBLIQUE / WHITE _____________________ clothing hanger

WHITENESS _________________

While I´m waiting some snow I thought post white christmas inspiration from my favorite brands Ther… Read more » WHITENESS _________________

DETAILS ____________ green love

My fave green right now, eucalyptus twig! Read more » DETAILS ____________ green love

I I T T A L A __________ annaleena + kuukuna

When I was asked to show Iitalas new lamp kuukuna at my blog, I didn't hesitate. Partly because… Read more » I I T T A L A __________ annaleena + kuukuna

HAY / _______ gym

Somehow I've always had this passion for sporty gymnastics environments, and it has not decreas… Read more » HAY / _______ gym