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INSPIRATION________________________ tommaso sartori

I just spend an hour browsing through the fabulous website of Tommaso Sartori . I just love those t… Read more » INSPIRATION________________________ tommaso sartori

INSPIRATION_________ black minimalism

Even Christmas season is behind the door and interior blogs are filled with christmas inspiration, … Read more » INSPIRATION_________ black minimalism

INSPIRATION __________ oval

Love this Oval exhibition by Danish design studio Örnduvald. Read more » INSPIRATION __________ oval

DIY _________ marble tube lamp

Remember this and this?   I covered now my tube also with a marble  printed self-adhesive plastic… Read more » DIY _________ marble tube lamp

INSPIRATION ______ magnetic tape

Like most of us my computer is always flooded with images, and instead of frame my pictures I tape … Read more » INSPIRATION ______ magnetic tape