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MODERNA BAD ________________________________________

Todays blog post is a sneak peek from my cooperation with the Moderna bad , a company specializing… Read more » MODERNA BAD ________________________________________

one pic_______________ structure

This picture is from todays photoshoot in a bathroom, taken only a few hours ago.  I've loved m… Read more » one pic_______________ structure

ONE PIC ___________natural

My work in the latest Residence, inspired by nature. Styling and photo by me. Read more » ONE PIC ___________natural

ONE PIC _____________ moon

Moon, one of my personal favorites from my collection. Hand made of aluminum and styled against whi… Read more » ONE PIC _____________ moon

ONE PIC _______________T.S news!

Therese Sennerholt   goes to hole new level by launching tomorrow two completely new collections, o… Read more » ONE PIC _______________T.S news!

ONEPIC. ______________ #stylingcompetition

If you are in instagram there's a hashtag you don´t wanna miss. It began with an innocent styli… Read more » ONEPIC. ______________ #stylingcompetition